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PCBA Test System

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  • General PCBA functional tester
  • Functional Test System
  • Test Fxiture
  • Overview:

    The general PCBA functional tester is a low-cost integrated hardware/software test platform. Test engineers can quickly develop and debug test programs by client software on PC and then download it to the tester for the offline operation of an computer.

    The system’s hardware includes four major parts: the core board, underplate, controllable power supply, and liquid crystal display. The core board, which is developed based on TXQos, has high-speed and high reliability, and supports an SD card to record the Log data and scan bar code; the underplate introduces the pin resources of the core board for processing and assigns it to the external interface and external equipment; the programmable power supply is mainly used for the PCBA to be measured and reads the current consumption; The LCD display is used to display the test results and time consumption, as well as remind the actions of the operator action and so forth.

    The system software has ease of use to facilitate the test engineers to develop and debut test content. Test content consists of numerous steps. The development test steps of the system software can be completely completed by the guide. Without the need of writing any code in the development process, the user only clicks on the drop-down menu in the guide, and selects the appropriate option.



    Integrated hardware and software testing platform
    Ease of use, fast development, time saving
    Log data record
    Barcode scanning function
    Can replace the PLC, and rapidly develop control processes to achieve the automation control of production line

    Measurable content:

    Voltage test

    Current test
    Waveform test

    Communication test
    requency test         

    Button test

    Power test




    Input power


    Rated power




    System dimensions


    Operating system

    WindowsXP, Windows7, Windows10

    Programming mode

    Online or offline programming

    Statistical reports

    Record test data in full processes and make statistical analysis, and output Excel format files

    Voltage measurement

    AI voltage: 13 channels (can be extended to 64), sampling range -10V ~ +10 V, sampling accuracy of 0.01V

    AI frequency measurement range: 1 - 10 k h z

    AO voltage: 2 channels, output range 0V ~ 5V, output accuracy of 0.01V

    Current measurement

    Minimum 20μA

    Waveform output

    AO waveform: 2 paths, output range of 0V ~ 5V, output accuracy of 0.01V


    2-channel output: 10 k h z output, adjustable duty ratio

    1-channel input: 10 k h z sampling, measurable frequency and duty ratio

    Digital   I/O

    14-channel GND DI input

    22-channel (can be extended to 64) Normally open / normally closed relay type output

    Communication port

    Serial port 2400~256000bps

    DUT Power

    DC3 ~ 22V Programmable output, 3A, current read-back accuracy 1mA

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