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ETE TECHNOLOGY LIMTED, is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in PCBA testing and process automation R&D, design, production, and sales. It is committed to providing intelligent solutions for the electronic processing enterprises and achieving automatic production and IT-based data.

Over the years, ETE focuses on PCBA testing and process automation solutions. It has produced a considerable number of professionals, accumulated a wealth of experience, and applied for more than 30 patents and software copyright registration. With advanced concepts and technology, it provides the following services for clients:

Full-automatic PCBA in-line testing platforms: seamless connections are achieved with existing production lines via track. Based on existing ICT and functional testing equipment, it can form a complete automated test line, without the need to purchase new testing equipment and without personnel training. Unattended, automatic inline testing improves efficiency and reduces labor.

In-line multi-axis motion platform: a standard multi-axis, multi-purpose motion platform for reducing the development cycle of automation equipment. The motion platform adopts an in-line transmission mode. Equipment developers only need to add function modules (such as: dispensing head, electric screwdriver, electric soldering iron, marking machine, CCD, etc.) to the Z axis, thus quickly developing the inline automatic equipment.

The PCBA functional test system: develop a PCBA functional test system, and design and produce supporting test fixtures in accordance with the customer’s test needs.

Provide automated test systems and process automation solutions for the automotive electronics, mobile communications, household appliances, medical electronics, and IT industries.

We possess a high-quality professional team for management, R & D, production and service, and uphold the requirement of “improving quality, efficiency, and services.” Based on a “people-oriented” business philosophy, we constantly blaze new trails and gradually evolve into PCBA testing and process automation solutions providers with considerable scope and size.

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